Service First

Tax Returns Vegas believes in building relationships with clients, and wants you to view the relationship as taking a step toward your financial future.  I founded my service on commitment, dedication, and professionalism, and the desire to serve taxpayers.


Working with a tax adviser helps make taxes easier to live with

Not sure how much to withhold? Trying to make sense of the new tax laws?   What is QBI? Should I take bonus depreciation? Am I a specified trade or service business? Are you busy trying to take care of your customers and don’t have time? Are notices piling up on your desk? Tax Returns Vegas will explain whether your a specified trade or service business, how QBI Affects your business income, or  if you should take bonus depreciation this year. During this time I take a look at this years, last years, and next years taxes, so you can see what your doing right or wrong in your tax planning. Tax Returns Vegas has studied tax law for more than 30 years, to help you with these important decisions.

Our Services


Think your paying too much? Not sure if you qualify under the new tax law? Let my decades of experience help you identify credits and deductions you have missed in the past. Call Tax Returns Vegas with any tax questions and to prepare your federal and state tax return forms.


As a Certified Public Accountant I can represent you before the IRS. You sign an IRS Form 2848 IRS Power of Attorney appointing me to get information about your case. So if the IRS incorrectly assesses tax on prior year notices, I will work together with you to correct the errors. Don’t go before the IRS without representation. Contact Tax Returns Vegas to review your specific situation before the IRS contacts you.


Tax Returns Vegas can prepare the state and federal fillings necessary to open your business. Navigating those state and federal websites can be confusing and time consuming. Let me assist you in completing all the requirements of opening a new business.


Good record keeping is the first step to a successful business planing. At Tax Returns Vegas, my focus is completing your record keeping with tax planing and reporting in mind. Please make an appointment with Tax Returns Vegas to make sure you are not missing any tax savings.


Forget about last years taxes? No problem, give Tax Returns Vegas a call and I will contact the IRS on your behalf to get the information needed to bring you into compliance with the IRS.


Give Tax Returns Vegas a call to discuss all the opportunities that the new tax law provides. Recognizing tax advantages in advance can significantly lower your end of the year tax bill.


IRS bothering you? Give Tax Returns Vegas a call, so we can look into the problem and get it resolved for your issue.


Unable to pay your taxes due to life changes? Give Tax Returns Vegas a call to discuss your options.